Welcome to the RALDE project!

Rethinking Active Learning for Distance Education

Discover the innovative approaches to active learning and distance education, reshaping the future of university education. Funded by Erasmus+, RALDE aims to bridge the gap between traditional and remote learning, ensuring quality education for all. To learn more, listen to our podcast full of outcomes and resources.

Project Reference: 2020-1-FR01-KA226-HE-095581


Survey Insights: Dive into the experiences of teachers and students during the pandemic. Understand the challenges and triumphs of remote learning.

Problem-Based Learning: A student-centered pedagogy that involves students actively solving problems. At RALDE we offer a comprehensive guide for educators.

Gamification in Learning: Engage with our 8-bit game version of the cell cultures tool. Learn while playing and understand the potential of gamified academic teachings.

Vitual Practicals at RALDE

Experience the future of lab learning with our interactive online tools. From cell cultures to dissections, achieve the same learning outcomes without stepping into a physical lab. This development journey reflects our belief in continuous innovation and adaptation in education.

Online Academic Presenting Course

In the era of remote learning, presenting ideas and research to peers has taken a new dimension. Our course is tailored to equip both educators and students with the skills to effectively present in an online environment.

  • For Educators: Learn how to adapt your teachings and guide your students in remote presentations.
  • For Students: Access comprehensive modules to master the art of both online and live presentations, from creating engaging slides and posters to delivering confidently.
  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in group discussions, Q&A sessions, and get hands-on experience with poster and live presentations.

Meet the Team Behind RALDE

The RALDE Podcast

This is a short series of podcast episodes with interesting conversations by our team members and outside guests. Learn more about education in an online format through our Erasmus+ funded project: Rethinking Active Learning and Distance Education. In short: RALDE.

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